Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Are Safe, Live life cleaner by making Earth greener.

Who We Are

The nest society is a team of young individuals from different fileds like IT, Accounting, Banking, Marketing. It started
in 2011 with the aim of helping the people living and working around the forest in every possible way. Our mission is to improve
the quality life of these people.

Our team works with the support of government organisations and employees.
We welcome every person that wants to help us continue our work in the development of people around the national park.

Every help is needed and we hold great
respect for every individual that wants to work in the development program.

What We Do


— Education

The mission is to provide the education to every child and their parents living and Working around the national park, ensuring that all children get the Sustainable education so they don’t rely totally on the forest.




— Women Empowerment

The nest society aims to accomplish the goal of providing various types of training, vocational and technical education to the women living around the national park.



— Forest Conservation

The Team Nest Society is working towards the environmental justice. We mean that the rights of everyone towards clean air, pure water, no pollution, sanitation,
Etc. Is upheld. 



— Encouraging Sports

Sports are necessary because it brings physical and mental fitness to the person involved in this on a regular basis. Sports and outdoor games are very beneficial 
Any child as they teach them punctuality, patience, discipline, teamwork and dedication.



— Books to children

We are working towards setting up the libraries near national parks for the children to so that they get provided with all kinds of books to the children
which are beneficial for them


— Computer Education:

Rural people near national park are lacking of the frequent bus service to go to the above said courses in nearby cities. The nest society will provide computer basics to underprivileged children, who are unable to study about the computers.



— Health Camps

Nest Society recognizes the challenges of the underprivileged to access primary health care. We have therefore organized free regular health camps across the national park, which includes a thorough check up by a doctor, distribution of free medicines along with specialized tests namely BP, Blood Sugar etc.


— Evil Practices

Nest Society takes care to stop the evil practices that are happening in the society, like child marriage, save girl child, smoking, alcohol etc. And youth should be focused on education and training. The above mentioned evils are a curse for our society, so it is very important to take steps to stop it.



— Physically disabled

To empower physically disabled, orphans, poor people, and underprivileged people through developmental initiatives focusing on educational, social, economic,
cultural and technological aspects.

Impact Stories

Distributed Sweaters to Forest Workers and Helpers

Team nest society took the initiative and distributed sweaters and blankets to forest helpers and people residing near the national park.



Organised Medical Camps

Organized medical health camps for the forest workers and the people residing in the national park area.  Successfully diagnosed 500+ people.



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